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Topics of foreign language exchange, study abroad, etc

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Please feel free to write any topics about langauge, study abroad, translation, interpration, foreigner, friends, etc. For instance, you can post your questions about languange or study abroad, some viewer might help you to give the answers or advices. Please do not post any improper topics such as slander, Pornography and other antisocial topics. Since there are exclusive pages for posting ads for language friends, exchange partners or exchange eveints, please do not post them in forum.

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folder Notification for using forum
5533 1 webmaster 2018-06-22 13:56:01
folder How to find language friends quickly
1487 0 webmaster 2010-06-13 21:09:15
folder Re: auto
754 0 xiaojun 2018-01-08 10:33:23
folder english exchange to korean
1159 0 kathy 2013-09-13 10:21:27
folder Penpal24 is a global Penpal site. The service is completely free.
1313 0 pete 2013-01-02 21:14:13
folder GOing to study for business management in Spokane
1407 1 Yoko 2012-09-15 02:00:31
folder Language Exchange Activities in NYC or Philadelphia
1431 0 englishpro2 2011-08-12 18:25:52


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