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 A locally oriented web site to make language exchange partners and friends.
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Welcome to Language Friend

【Language Friend】 is a Free & Locally Orientied web site for people to find language friends (language exchange partner, language friends, private teacher, private student), so that they can help each other to learn or practice foreign languages. In 【Language Friend】 You can also find out about or inform others about international exchange events . We hope that 【Language Friend】 will help you in your efforts to practice foreign languages. 【Language Friend】 also contributes to international exchange in Philippine.

Features of 【Language Friend】

  • 100% Free. Locally oriented, language friends can meet each other.
  • You can post your entry directly without registration.
  • You can read all entries and send emails without registration.
  • If you post an entry, your email address will be protected, no need to worry about junk mails.
  • If you post an entry, you can read your messages including the sender's email address.

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