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■Who to find languages friends quickly

The important points for finding languages friends quickly are :

● Post your own article

If you really want to find a language exchange partner, you should post your own message and introduce yourself actively, rather than just responding to other people's messages. The reason is simple, about 90% of users just view other people's entry, or send messages to other people. If you don't post your own entry and just send messages to other people, you may not receive replies. But you may receive many contacts from other people if you post your own entry, and you can choose the best person from all contactors. Maybe some of you are shy or scared about submitting a entry, but, actually there is no need to submit your real name or personal infomation and your email-address was also protected. \n\nSo feel free to submit your entry in 【Language Friend】

● Write your entry carefully

If your entry is just one sentence, it may not attract peopole. It's neccesory to write your entry carefully to introduce yourself such as your hobby, your experience of learning language, etc, so that you can "sell yourself" actively to your future language friends. It's important to mention what you can do for your language partner, for instance, "I have some experience to teach foreign students English when I was college student", "I am also good at surfing, I can teach you if you are interested", etc.

● Do not stick to native speaker

Too many people try to find "native speakers" as language exchange partners, but there are not so many native speakers in Australia compared to Australia citicens. Actually, you can also learn a lot from "non-native speakers". So, try to add "non-native speaker is OK" in your entry, maybe it will help you to find language friends more easily.

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■FAQ of 【Language Friend】

● Is it really free?
Yes, it's totally free to use 【Language Friend】 .

● How about the countermasure against privacy and junk mails.
In the case of submitting your own entry, in order to protect your privacy and prevent junk mails, your email address will not be shown in public. Instead, a message box will be created for you. 【Language Friend】 will inform you by email when you have a new message, so you can read all messages sent to you including the sender's email address in your message box.

In the case of sending message to other people, only your party can read your message and email address, so your privacy and your email address are also protected. 【Language Friend】 will treat all email addresses and other data carefully and will not leak these information to 3rd parties.

● I submitted an entry, but it wasn't carried on the web site
Please be noted that your entry may not be carried on the web site according the check results of the Web-Master.

● My entry was registered when I sent a message to other people
In order to help you find language fiends ASAP, the system may submit an entry for you when you send a message to other people.

● I received an unexpected password-notice email.
Maybe the other guy accidently clicked the [password-button]. We have taken some measures to prevent this, but it's hard to prevent it perfectly.

● Why is an English word needed in some cases?
It's a countermeasure against illegal access by auto-programs. We also want to show you some keywords for learning languages.

● Why do you only use Chinese and English descriptions?
It's difficult to handle other languages now, but we are considering adding other languages in the future.

● How are the available languages decided?
We considered the population of each language in Australia and decided these languages for user to select. It may be changed in the future

● Why the maximum tuition set at \3000?
It's one of our policies to help people learn/practice languages as cheaply as possible.

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