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Topics of foreign language, study abroad

Topics of foreign language, study abroad

About 【Language Friend】

What's 【Language Friend】
How to use 【Language Friend】
Etiquette of using 【Language Friend】
Attention of using 【Language Friend】
Escape Clause of 【Language Friend】
Suggestion for 【Language Friend】

What's 【Language Friend】

【Language Friend】 is a Free, locally oriented web site to help people learn / practice languages. It was run by foreign student David Shu and his friends.

The purpose of 【Language Friend】 is to help Canadian people and foreigners living in the same region to find language partners, to help each other to learn/practice languages efficiently and cheaply. 【Language Friend】 also promotes international exchange between Canadian people and foreigners across the United States.

We established 【Language Friend】 for the following reasons:.
① Many people take a less than ideal approach to learning language.
Their methods are not communication-oriented but rather focus on learning in a classroom-style. They miss out on conversations based on listening and speaking. It's a pity that many foreigners are living in Australia... Why they don't talk each other? (T_T)

② Many foreigners can not improve their English and are living a lonely life in the United States.
Maybe the foreigners who live in your area are also looking for someone. I also felt lonely before.

③ I want to show my gratitude to all people.
So far, many people helped me with my English, Japanese. Especially a girl named "Kurokawa" taught me very kindly and patiently. So I hope that this site can help other people to learn foreign languages.

④ I am very interested in learning languages and international exchange.
I am often looking for language friends and always enjoy talking with them. (Now, David Shu and his language friends are cooperating together to run this site)

The policies of 【Language Friend】 are : [locally-oriented], [easy to use], [of benefit to all] and [contribute to international exchange]

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How to use 【Language Friend】

【Language Friend】 is a Free web site. You can submit your own entry in 【Language Friend】, or you can also view other people's entries and send your messages to them.

In the case of submitting your own entry, in order to protect your privacy and prevent junk mails, your email address will not be shown in public. Instead, a message box will be created for you. 【Language Friend】 will inform you by email when you have a new message, so you can read all messages sent to you including the sender's email address in your message box.

In the case of sending message to other people, only your party can read your message and email address, so your privacy and your email address are also protected.

① Search entries and send messages
Select your region, then the entry list will be shown. Click each entry's name for detail information. Click 「send a mail to this guy」 button in detail information page to send your message.

② Submit an entry
Select your region, then the entry list will be shown. Click 「Submit A New Entry」 to submit your entry. After you submitted an entry, a confirmation email will be sent to you. A message box will also be created for you, so you can read all messages sent to you including the sender's email address. (Please be noted that your entry may not be carried on the site if the Web-Master find something wrong.)

③ Read messages
Click 「Message Box」, input your email address and password (the registered email address and password when you submitted you entry) to log in, then you can read all the messages sent to you including the sender's email address.

④ Delete your entry
Open the detail information page of your entry, you can find a 「delete」 button, input your password and click this button to delete your entry. If you forgot your password, we can send it to your registered email address. The 「password-sending」 button will be shown when the password was failed 3 times.

⑤ Report fraud
In the detail information page of each entry, there is a 「report fraud」 button. If you found the entry is prankish or fraudulent, please select a reason and report it to us. The Web-Master will make a decision of removing the entry based on your report.

⑥ Duration
Basically 3 months. It may be changed according the circumstances.

⑦ Others
It's free to use 【Language Friend】 . In order to cover the expenditure, we are willing to receive donations.

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Etiquette of using 【Language Friend】

① No lies, pranks or frauds
It's important to be honest when helping each other to learn languages as Language Friends. Lies, pranks or frauds are against this spirit. You will be forbidden to use 【Language Friend】 if you are found in violation of this spirit.

② Do not ask high tuition
In 【Language Friend】 , an entry for paid teaching is also available, so you can get a little reward for teaching. However, please just consider it as pocket money.

③ Fairness
As Language Friends, you should help each other reciprocally. It's not good to exploit your language friend without giving your kindness and help. Apart from language, you can also show them your country's culture and food, etc. and by doing so, you can kindle your interest in language.

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Attention of using 【Language Friend】

① Be careful of pranks and frauds
In 【Language Friend】 , all the entries are being checked by the Web-Master and by users, however, you should be careful about pranks and frauds. Especially, when you meet your language friend for the first time, we recommend that you use a cafe or international exchange center in your area.

② Be careful about your personal info
In 【Language Friend】 , we just ask users to input a minimum of personal info and introduced some measures to prevent illegal use.(a phone number is not required, email addresses are shown as images to prevent illegal address collecting.)Please carefully consider your personal info when you submit an entry.

③ Authority of Web-Master
In 【Language Friend】 , the Web-Master is checking the entries all the time. The Web-Master may delete some entries without notifying the user if he finds some problem. Moreover, the Web-Master may forbid you to use 【Language Friend】 if you lie or cheat.

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Escape Clause of 【Language Friend】

① Troubles
If you have some trouble with your language friend, please try to resolve it yourselves, honestly. If you are cheated, please contact the police. 【Language Friend】 will not take any responsibility.

② Data
【Language Friend】 will treat your data carefully. However, please forgive us if any data is lost in the cases of an earthquake, blackout or system problems.

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Suggestions for 【Language Friend】

In order to improve 【Language Friend】, we hope to receive suggestions / opinions. Please send your thoughts to the following email address. We will consider each one carefully and reply by email or via the web site.

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About donation for 【Language Friend】

It's free to use 【Language Friend】. So far, I have had to cut back on my work hours to create this web site. However, since it costs a lot to produce and run the site (domain name fee, server fee, software fee, etc)、we accept donations from those who want to support us, from people who found nice language friends via 【Language Friend】 .

With your support, we will try to make 【Language Friend】the best that it can be. .

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Contact Address of 【Language Friend】


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  Phone: 050-1182-6615


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