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①Please feel free to write any topics about langauge, study abroad, translation, interpration, foreigner, friends, etc. For instance, you can post your questions about languange or study abroad, some viewer might help you to give the answers or advices.

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 , it amazes me how s (1)
Time : 2015-09-13 16:40:32  188.143.234.*  #56
Name : jQez912MA4W  Email :

, it amazes me how small a peertncage actually set out to see what this world is all about. It's even more astonishing to me that, among those who do travel, too large a peertncage act like jackasses (hope I can say that on here) without ever considering that they represent their country. So as to not be redundant, the examples Liz gave in her post are all too common and express my point precisely. It's true, many of us are rude, loud, arrogant, impatient, and all-around disrespectful when abroad. Sad.On the flip side, I have always found it frustrating how blatantly descriminating many individuals can be to ALL Americans who are spending time in their country. I was once advised to sew a Canadian flag onto my backpack because of this. Although I can understand and sympathize with the reasons America is disliked globally, there is certainly something to be said for Americans (like myself) who do have a genuine interest in other places and make the effort to learn first hand respectfully. If embraced, both parties will surely benefit.The reciprocity of Intolerance is unacceptable and must be diminished on both ends for best results. We must remember this while we tour China as a group and during all other personal or business travel. The size of our group guarantees attention will be drawn in anything we do. This certainty affords us a unique opportunity to be the change we want to see in the world to quote Gandhi (and Sean Martin's group in Organizational Behavior).


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